We believe it is a sacred trust to maintain and contend for "the faith once for all delivered to the saints". Consequently we are:

1. Christian
Christ is all in all - the only Saviour of sinners. 

2. Protestant
The Bible is the only rule of belief and behaviour, and we reject the authority of the Pope.

3. Reformed (or Calvinistic)
It is God's sovereign prerogative to do according to His own will and purpose, including the choice of those who He will save by His grace.

4. Evangelical
God in His sovereignty has set forth His kindly intentions towards man in the terms of good news, so as to encourage all to trust in the crucified and risen Christ, with the promise that, "He that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out."

5. Non-conformist (dissenting)
There is no Biblical warrant for state sponsored, established, or territorial churches.

6. Non-charismatic
The miraculous sign-gifts ceased at the end of the New Testament era, and have been absent during the most fruitful periods of subsequent church history.

7. Dignified in worship
The public worship of God should focus strongly on His glory through thoughtful submission to His truth, rather than our contributions, performances and activities.